PropertY Predictions for 2024

From our Mortgage Experts at Clements Financial Mortgage & Insurance Peterborough.

Welcome to our exclusive sneak peek into the property crystal ball for 2024! As your trusted mortgage advisors, we’re excited to share our expert insights on what might unfold in our property predictions. While we can’t guarantee the future, our seasoned experts bring you informed predictions based on market trends and experience.

Think of it as a speculative journey through potential shifts, emerging hotspots, and evolving mortgage patterns. These aren’t concrete facts, but rather well-informed possibilities shaped by our deep market understanding. Read on to find out more…

Property Prediction: what do you predict could happen to interest rates in 2024?

Jonny: I predict that interest rates could continue to fall to around 3.5%, I’m feeling optimistic based on what reates are currently doing.

Ash: I predict that interest rates on a 75% Loan to Value could fall a little more to around 3.96%

Remember, these are expert opinions rooted in knowledge, not indisputable facts, offering valuable insights into the potential rates of 2024.

Property Prediction: What might be popular in property next year?

Jonny: I think moving home should become popular again in 2024, it’s been difficult for home movers over the last few years but I predict movers will be moving again!

Ash: 2023 was the year that home owners really stayed put, I think that home moving should become popular again in 2024.

What could happen to property prices in 2024?

Jonny: I believe that house prices will most likely remain as they are in 2023, in 2024.

Ash: I believe that house prices could have a slight decline, perhaps by about 2% by the end of the year.

Regardless of fluctuating property prices, we are here to guide you on the most effective strategies to step onto the property ladder. The economy experiences inevitable ups and downs. Our expertise ensures that we can provide support through any market shifts.

What may change in the property market next year?

Jonny: Next year, I think that people will be wanting to fix their mortgage over a shorter period of time. Therefore the ‘2 year fixed’ products may become more popular again.

Ash: Next year I predict that criteria changes may mean that it’s more likely clients with tier 2 VISA’s can get a mortgage.

Looking ahead to 2024, we’re feeling optimistic about the mortgage landscape. We’re eager to see if our property predictions ring true. Most importantly, we’re ready to support you through whatever twists and turns the market may take. Let’s navigate this real estate journey together, with positivity and anticipation for a successful year ahead.

Wondering about property predictions in 2024? Our team of expert mortgage brokers is here to share our professional and personal opinions on what the future might hold! Clements Financial Mortgage & Insurance Peterborough, UK. Service whole of UK.